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Life is too short to drink bad wine! Our objective is to demystify wine, integrate wine into our Kenyan culture,and be a benchmark for fine quality wine experiences.




20% Off On Wines

We offer an affordable range of excellent wines from all over the world. Red wine,white wine, rose wine and sparkling wine.

Great Deals on Wine, Gin & Whisky

We accept orders for your preferred Gin and Vodka brands, and offers speedy delivery at low costs.

Join Our Wine Club

We believe that everyone is a wine person. The wine club offers you a safe space to gain knowledge,grow your palate as you interact with good quality wines and other wine lovers.

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Our Fine Selection

We offer an affordable range of excellent wines from all over the world. Red wine, white wine, rose wine, and sparkling wine.

St. Roman RoseA

St. Roman RoseA

Sauvignon Blanc

auvignon Blanc

Legende Bordeaux

Jules Sauvignon

Attend some of our events

Why not try our Wine Club events? We host more 30 events each year – all free to wine club members and only a small nominal fee for their guests. Bring some friends along and share your favorite foods and fine wine
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The wine making process is a labour of love that combines patience, science, artistry and tradition. From the careful cultivation of grapes to the moment

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Health Benefits of Wine

Wine, particularly red wine, has long been celebrated for its array of potential health benefits, with scientific research shedding light on its multifaceted advantages. At

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Wine, with its enchanting aroma and exquisite taste, has been an integral part of human civilization for thousands of years. Its history is as diverse

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