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Things not to do at a wine tasting event

Dress Appropriately
The color black is a lifesaver when it comes to a wine tasting tour. Avoid the temptation of wearing white; the wine spills won’t be quite appealing. While at it, don’t have dangling sleeves as you might cause spills.

It would also be great to wear comfortable shoes, such as flats. Tie your hair at the back and have a purse or pocket to stash away your phone or notebook.

Avoid Wearing Fragrance
If you’ve been waiting to wear your Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Parfum in the wine tasting tour, you’re preparing to attend, abort mission! Wine smelling is central to wine tours, so having conflicting smells can confuse others in the tasting area.

Besides being a potential distraction to those around you, the perfume will make you miss out on the wholesome experience of a wine tour.

Don’t Worry About Not Having Complex Wine Knowledge
Not everyone who comes into the wineries for our tasting events is a sommelier. This is the place for you to learn! Feel free to ask questions and our bartenders will be more than happy to talk you through your tasting.

You shouldn’t shy away from sharing your opinions and thoughts. Talk about the wine without worrying about having the right or wrong answers. Your host will be glad to have genuine feedback that can be used to improve or maintain the wine based on the suggestions.

Try Not To Hog The Booth
Most wine tours attract a significant number of people. How you enjoy your wine at home is different from a wine tasting event. Don’t stand in the way as many guests will want to access the rooms to taste the wines.

When you get your glass, move to give others space. If you’re talking with the bartender, you can move on the side to ensure that others get a chance to taste. As people walk away from the booth after getting their glass of wine, it will become easier to avoid a contest-like event where people are pushing each other with their elbows.

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